Edward Almon P. E.
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Project Management - Metallurgical Engineering-Failure Analysis
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University, 1948.
Graduate courses in metallurgy at Wayne State University and Ohio State University.

AEC/ERDA/DOE-Q-Clearance from June 1952.

Mr. Wright has more than 42 years of professional experience in the nuclear power field. He is a registered professional metallurgical engineer in the state of California and was a pioneer in the development of fabrication techniques for numerous nuclear products from exotic materials. An example is Zircaloy tubing for nuclear fuel cladding. He managed the design, procurement, fabrication, testing and delivery of 1.2 billion dollars worth of CRBRP plant and reactor components.

Work Experience
1991 to Present PAI Corporation, Oak Ridge, TN Senior Engineering Manager. Engaged in special task assignments for DOE, such as UF6 storage and ultimate disposition, Technical Safety Appraisals. DOE and MMES Management support and policy option studies.

1986 thru 1990 USDOE GRADE GM-15 Chairman of the Isotopes Task Force. Served on the Rocky Flats resumption team. Assisted in the restart of research reactors at ORNL. Assisted the Chief Counsel's Office in litigation at Fernald. Site technical manager for the DOE-EG&G Weld Evaluation Task Force for TVA'S Watts Bar # 2.

1975 to 1986 USDOE Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project. Chief of the Reactor and Plant Components Branch of The Clinch River Breeder Reactor Plant Project (CRBRP). Responsible for the design, procurement, fabrication testing and acceptance of all NSSS components. Chaired Design and readiness reviews, Performed quality assurance audits and surveillances. Participated in licensing activities with the NRC.

1966 to 1975 Metallurgical Engineer USAEC Responsible for all of the metal components in the core of the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) and other AEC owned reactors. Established RDT Standards for welding, quality assurance, fuel cladding, fuel assembly ducts, ingots, billets, forgings and other nuclear parts and components.

1961 to 1966 Project Director of Special Metals, Harvey Aluminum. Was responsible for all facets of the production and sales of nuclear and other special metal tubular products world wide.

1948 to 1961 Technical Manager Wolverine Tube Division's Special Metals Plant, C&H Inc. Served as a metallurgist and the technical manager of the special metals plant and played a major role in the plant design, operation, sales, customer relations and quality assurance.

Specialized Education
Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies 1954
Argonne National Laboratory 1952 - 1954
Study and work on nuclear materials. Westinghouse Atomic Power Department 1955 - 1957
Study and work on naval reactors. USDA Grad. School management courses 1968
Nondestructive Testing, Ohio State University 1968
Welding Engineering, Ohio State University, 1974 Incentiv econtracting - Sterling Institute - 1974
Scanning Electron Microscopy- Emventions - 1974
Technical Evaluation Of Proposals, Change Orders & Claims. Management Concepts. 1981.
Employment Dev. & Training Supervision, Harpers Ferry, WV. 1981
Surveillance Methodology, QTRC April 1990
Beryllium Qualification, 1990, Rocky Flats
Respirator Training and Qualification, 1990 Rocky Flats
OSHA training, 1990 Rocky Flats Criticality training,1990 Rocky

Professional Organizations and Honor Societies
Registered Professional Metallurgical Engineer State Of California 1964 to 1996. MT-000528.
ASTM served as Task Group Chairman for Zirconium Tube Specifications.
Zirconium Association
Atomic Industrial Forum
Tau Beta Pi
Pi Tau Sigma
Phi Kappa Phi

Technical Papers and Lectures
Failure of Steel/Admiralty Brass Duplex Condenser Tubes by Hydrogen Penetration. Volume 13, 1957- National Association of Corrosion Engineers, with Harold E.Honkala
A Metallographic Examination of Zirconium and Zirconium Alloys. Bettis Technical Review, January 1958 and International Conference on the Peaceful use of the Atom. With Earl Richards
Making Exotic Metals Practical, Feature Article and Cover Picture, The Iron Age, Volume 184, No 5, July 30, 1959, with J. S. Rogers.
LMFBR Steam Generator Materials Selection, Development and Test Results, with Spalaris, Patriarca and Hoffman, Presented at the joint US/USSR Steam Generator Conference in Los Angeles, CA. Dec, 1974
LMFBR Steam Generator Materials, Design and Testing. US -French meeting, Gatlinburg, TN, October 1978. Session Chairman.
Fabrication of CRBRP Steam Generators, with Spalaris, Ring, and Durand - Joint US/USSR Conference, Tampa, FL. October 1978.
Welding for CRBRP Steam Generators, with Spalaris, Ring, and Durand. Presented at BNES conference, London, April, 1979.
Progress of LMFBR Steam Generator Testing in the United States, ANS International Conference, Richland WA. April 1980 with Tippets, Ford and Bushman.
Fabrication Technology - LMFBR Steam Generators ANS Conference, Tampa, FL. October 1980, with Spalaris and Ring.
The Transfer of Applicable PWR Steam Generator Technology to Advanced Reactors ASME June 1984 PVP Conference, San Antonio, TX. Session Chairman