The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin -Article-

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1) How long have you been in business:

a) 0 - 2 years

b) 2 - 4 years

c) 4 - 6 years

d) 6+ years

2) Which best describes your practice:

a) Solo practice

b) Group practice

c) Other:________________

3) Are you ACTAR certified:

a) Yes

b) No

c) I have other certification in accident reconstruction

4) Which best describes your background:

a) Law Enforcement

b) Engineering

c) Both

d) Other

5) Which collision analysis services do you provide:

a) Speed determination in ABS equipped or electronically stabilized vehicles

b) Driver perception/reaction analysis

c) Time and distance studies

d) Vehicle inspections

e) Speed estimates based on vehicle damage

f) Staged/fraudulent collisions

g) Right-of-way issues

h) Low speed impact

i) Biomechanical analysis of injuries

j) Occupant/pedestrian kinematics

k) Seatbelt and airbag analysis

l) Collision report accuracy/critique

m) Vehicle/scene photography

n) DUI-Involved collisions

o) Computer generated collision simulations

6) Which three of the above services account for 80% of your cases:

a) _____________________

b) _____________________

c) _____________________

7) How do you market for new cases:

a) Word of mouth

b) Brochure mailings

c) Advertising in journals

d) Advertising on Internet

e) Through related work (i.e. teaching)

f) Through speaking at seminars

8) What is the single best way to market - what gets you the most cases:

a) _______________________

9) If you are working reconstruction full time, how long did it take to be able to get the practice to a full time level of clients:

a) 0 - 2 years

b) 2 - 4 years

c) 4 - 6 years

d) 6+ years

10) Which five of the following success factors do you think are most important:

a) Develop your client list before you leave your current position

b) Start the business on a part time basis

c) Have money saved to cover times when business is slow

d) Have a side income of some sort, such as from teaching safety classes, to cover times when business is slow

e) Always use a service agreement/contract with your clients

f) Don't compromise your principles for the client

g) Take training in operating a small business

h) Have certification in accident reconstruction

i) Have a solid marketing plan and work the plan

j) _________________________

k) _________________________

l) _________________________

11) What words of wisdom do you have for working in this business?

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