The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin -Article-

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PRT Test Instructions


1) You should print these instruction pages. It is important that all participants take the test in the same manner. These instructions are an attempt to make test conditions as similar as possible for all participants.

2) Please read and be sure you understand all the instructions on this page prior to taking the test.

3) If you have any questions about the instructions please ask them via email prior to taking the test.

4) The test will take no more than 10 minutes. Please do not begin the test unless you have 10 minutes of uninterrupted time available. Once you have begun the test you should not pause. You should take it in its entirety.

5) Eliminate all the distractions you can while taking the test- Television, radio, telephone, other people etc.

6) Please do not attempt to take the test if you are drinking alcohol or taking medication that may slow your natural reaction times.

7) All tests must be taken on a desktop computer with any size standard type monitor. Notebooks and laptops are excluded due to the slow performance of some laptop video displays.

8) The test will ask your email address, your gender, your age, the type of CPU and speed of your computer. None of this information will be sold or released to anyone without your prior consent. Your test results will be combined with the results of all other participants for comparison, analysis, and presentation in a future article. The specific results of your test will not be identifiable as your test results without your expressed permission.

9) You may let others take the test prior to mailing the results. Each subject should take the test only once. Each test taker must also have a valid email address.

Download Instructions

1) Clicking the Download PRT.exe link below will result in a prompt from your browser asking what you want to do with the file. You should tell your browser you wish to SAVE the file.

2) You will be asked where to save the file. It is mandatory that you save the program PRT.exe to a floppy disk drive. Saving on a floppy disk will allow you to easily erase the program once you have completed the test. It will also keep your Hard Drive free of yet another "old program."

PRT.exe is a DOS based program that is about 50k. Download PRT.exe


Running PRT.exe

When you are ready to take the test follow these directions (Windows 95/98)

1) From Windows Click Start

2) In the resulting menu Click Run

3) The Run window will appear. Inside the dialog box type A:prt.exe (If A is the letter of your floppy drive), B:prt.exe (If B is the letter of your floppy…).

4) PRT.exe will give all the instructions necessary to complete the test.

Emailing your Results

Once you have completed your test the results will be written to your floppy drive. The file containing your results is named data.prt. This file should be emailed back to TARO. You can accomplish this task by:

1) Logging on to the Internet

2) Opening your Email Program (Netscape, MS Explorer, Eudora, etc…)

3) Compose a new message to [email protected]

5) Give your email the subject "PRT Results"

6) Feel free to offer your thoughts, criticisms, or suggestions about the test in the body of the email message.

4) Attach the file data.prt to the email by clicking the Attach Icon in your Email program and indicate you wish to attach the file data.prt.

5) Send the message.

You can expect the program that will decode your results within a week.

Thank you for your participation in this experiment.

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